Learn to Laugh in Spanish! jajaja

Learning a language is not easy! But the best thing is, it’s pretty fun.  I love learning Spanish and even more so I love speaking Spanish, and EVEN BETTER than that is being able to understand humor in Spanish.  Laughing in Spanish is fun fun fun, it sounds like this:


(if you are lost or confused: in Spanish “J” sounds the way “H” does in English, therefore J is used by Spanish speakers in virtual laughing, I think it just looks funny so it makes me laugh more!)

Here’s some of my favorite ways to laugh and enjoy learning Spanish…

Bueno, Entonces…  

One of my all time favorites! The creators have a great sense of humor and teach fun stuff… using funny photos, cartoons, they’ll help you know the street words you will run into!
Check out their free trial!

They also have fun videos like One Semester Spanish Love Song:

Fluent in 3 Months
This guy speaks 7 languages and has millions of resources and ideas of how to learn., for example listening to Podcasts, here’s some tips.   Check out this blog post how to learn Spanish from music, featuring “La Tortura” from Shakira.

If you are willing to pay, this seems to be the best option out there. I’m not a fan of Rosetta Stone, their strategy puts me to sleep.  Fluenz is more interesting, modern looking and a whole lot cheaper.

Spanish Pod
I’ve never used it but it gets a lot of great reviews!  Check it out and report back to me!

I also try to get my news in Spanish, so I follow CNN Español, BBC Mundo, and my horoscope sent to me en Español. FUN STUFF 🙂

Check your skills – how many do you already know? 100 Spanish Words To Know (I knew 99, guess which I missed?)

Anyone have a favorite language resources? Spanish humor website?  I’m collecting more resources! 🙂


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