Keep Calm, There’s an App for That

Whether I’m creating content for a social media marketing campaign, collecting business cards at a conference, keeping myself on top of things, or trying to maintain inner peace – here’s a look at some of my top hit iPhone apps.



A great To Do List application, that allows you to Sync with the desktop application on your Mac. Wunderlist you are my hero. Gracias for coming to my life. I no longer am searching for that receipt I wrote on the back of.  You are always with me wherever I go. 

Organize like a BOSS



Going to a conference or networking? This app turns business cards into LinkedIn contacts. Win!


Put multiple images together, in a clear format. Share more information in one quick glance.

Check out the amazing street art I stumbled upon in Valencia, Spain:

Made using Pic Stitch


Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.48.58 PM

New Favorite!!! Fun application that is a bit like PicMonkey (one of my favorite sites for creating photo cards, and collages!) You can make a lot of fun creations… like these one!

Made using InstaTextsend from InstaText


There are many applications for managing your twitter account, I’ve tried all of them.  I like the Twitter brand application the best. Its clear, clean design, simple and I find it an easier interface to use than  I prefer to reply to tweets from my iPhone than from the web. 


Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.47.57 PM
I create draft posts on WordPress that I can then access later on my computer.  I never post directly from my iPhone but I put together my thoughts and drafts on the application first.  You can find me blogging my way around Madrid while riding the metro.

Google Drive

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.46.36 PM
Where do I begin? I do everything on my Google Drive. I never have “I left that file on my other thumb drive” or “its on my computer at home” moments… I can access all my files while I’m on the run.  I edit articles, emails or proposals while I’m waiting for the train or a friend who is a bit late for a coffee date.  Google Drive, I can hardly remember life before the cloud. If you haven’t started doing all your work on a cloud system, I highly recommend it. 


There is an App for that.

Not too long ago I was getting a weeeeee bit stressed and overwhelmed.  Like a little fairy godmother the Huffington Post ran an article Meditation Apps For Inner Peace (On The Go)

My personal favorite happens to be The NOW.

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.45.19 PM

Want more? The Next Web ran this 13 Top Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs on the go

What are some of your favorite apps?

Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Keep Calm, There’s an App for That

  1. This is a great list! One of my favorite apps is Photo 365. I’ve set an alarm to go off at 11am every day to remind myself to take a photo of something that represents or was meaningful that day. It’s a reminder to me to take a moment to breathe, look around, and see what’s going on around me. I’ve been doing this since the end of December and I love flipping back through the photos. You can share the photos via Facebook, Twitter, etc but I haven’t been doing that. I like not having the pressure to take something “share-worthy” – it’s just a fun little break in my day just for me!

  2. Great ones! I like Card Munch, I hadn’t heard of it.

    I really enjoy Cam Scanner, which turns a photo into a scan. So I just took a photo of my NIE, and it uploaded it and turned it into a PDF. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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