Free eBooks and Webinars for Interculturalists!

August is turning out to be a month of free giveaways for intercultural community…

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Who: Melibee Global featuring TaNesha Barnes

What: Race in America: A followup to the events around the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial

Race IS a social construct. In this free session, we’ll talk race and why it is an ongoing and necessary discussion in the United States. If you went to school in this country and feel that your education lacked serious dialogue about history, race and equity OR you are not from the US but want to understand more about race and history, this FREE session is for you! The discussion will be led by educator TaNesha Barnes. TaNesha holds 2 MA degrees in History/Social Justice Education and is a dynamic, informed leader on this topic!

When: Wednesday, August 14th at 2:00pm EST




Who: Social Media Interculturalists – Vanessa Shaw & Sabrina Ziegler

What: Blogging as Interculturalists: A Reflective Practice & Global Community Builder

How you thought about blogging but not sure where to start or the benefits? From a newbie and seasoned blogger perspectives, Sabrina Ziegler and Vanessa Shaw, will be sharing their experience from how to get started to the unique opportunities that have resulted from blogging. During this one our free webinar, we will help you to understand the potential blogging has to offer and what the reality of owning a blog is like. We can help you create a customized plan to build a blog that fits your life and goals. Get started writing and producing content that will build your reputation and inspire connections.

When: Thursday, August 22nd at 11:00am PST






Who: Personal Leadership Seminars

What: How Integrate Leadership in Simple Ways to your Everyday Life

Have you ever gotten upset at work and then felt horrible? Did you beat yourself up because you were disappointed in your own behavior? Have you ever felt stuck, overwhelmed or in a rut and wished you had a vision to guide you to a more productive place? Personal Leadership (PL) is a methodology for taking leadership of the self supporting high performance and fostering personal effectiveness in the face of cross-cultural challenges, change management, and personal transitions. Life is always going to deliver us with challenging moments when we might lose connection with our best selves.

When: Monday, August 26th at 14:00 CEST




Who: Jack Condon and Tatyana Fertelmeyster

What: Place, Culture, Home, Identity: The Meanings of Place in Our Lives

Where is home? Is it the place where we were born? Or where our parents and grandparents are from, where their spirits reside? Is it where we live right now, or a place we want to return to or are still hoping to find? “Home” evokes such strong feelings, and is often so central to our personal and cultural identities. So shall we also ask, “what is home?” Join us in a conversation about home, place, culture and identity and visit

When: Thursday, August 29th at 9:00am PST





Who: Young SIETAR

What: Exploring Multicultural Identity with Dr. Carlos E. Cortés

When you think about crossing cultures, do you think about national borders? What about crossing cultures within countries or even within families? What does it mean to develop multicultural identity, and what should interculturalists be aware of when working with multicultural individuals and communities? Dr. Cortés will illustrate this phenomenon by reading from his autobiography before answering questions and participating in a discussion with the audience. Bring your curiosity, experiences, and eagerness to learn!

When: August 28th at 10am PST /1pm EST/6pm GMT

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Free eBooks


“The Diversity Dashboard” by Dr. Deborah Swallow & Eilidh Milnes

Newly released eBook by Dr. Deborah Swallow (President of SIETAR Europa) & Eilidh Miln, Offered FREE as an eBook on all the eBook platforms during the month of August.

For Amazon Kindle click here:








Been abroad?

Wonder “what next?”

I understand. I’ve been where you are right now, going through that thing called re-entry.

Now there is the Re-Entry Reality: Your Guide to Re-Launching Yourself After Being Abroad workbook and support group.

Free 13 Page sample of the eBook from Small Planet Studio.


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