[Day 1 of 5] SIETAR Europa Congress Tallinn: Daily Wrap Up

Wednesday was “Pre-Congress How-To Workshop Day”.  We are wrapping up, and what were the biggest take-aways?


Sabrina and I were first to present this morning.

We framed Social Media Marketing through an intercultural lens.  Have you ever been a tourist?  Have you ever been a traveler?  What’s the difference?  Tourists might just casually visit a country, without a strong connection or engagement with the local community, perhaps get easily distracted to shiny objects and come home with a suitcase packed full of purchases they didn’t anticipate.

What about a traveler?  Perhaps they spend more time planning and preparing for the visit to the new land.  Relationship building, engaging with local community, and being a conscious participant is the approach of a traveler.  Apply this to Social Media and get your passport ready for your journey.


We have more inspiring stories about building a social media campaign using competencies you already have developed as an intercultural trainer and consultant.  What if you viewed Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as different countries… How do you communicate effectively in each new environment?  How does relationship building happen?

For more from us – Sign up for the Living Your Ideal Global Life Virtual Summit – it’s FREE and virtual, so no reason not to!  –Click–


Matthew Hill told us about his New Leaders Club and how he creates products.  Instead of developing a training that you get to use once, create CDs, eBooks and virtual products that you can sell again and again.  also the newly launched “Intercultural Training Channel” on YouTube! Be sure to subscribe!  –Click–


Eilidh Milnes – also known as Captain Positive!

Gave us an hour of DO, GO, YES WE CAN, FUN inspiration… Did you know she collaborated with SIETAR Europa President Dr. Deborah Swallow to write Diversity Dashboard available on Kindle and Amazon.com.


She also introduced us to her super cool App called “arpeople“, it makes your business cards and books come to life with one click to virtual media that you design – check it out – its free so download it now! (Also track her down for one of her business cards and see the magic of this app – its awesome!)


Randall Stieghorst  from LCW

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 4.32.58 PM

Put us through a bit of pricing bootcamp!  Would you rather do 10 days of training at $500/day for total of $5,000 or 2 days of training for a total of $4,000?  Don’t underprice yourself!  When pricing a training ask yourself “What is my time worth?”  “How much do I need to earn?”  “What will the market bear?”  “What is the absolute most I think this client would pay?”  Consider this and price yourself high enough.  Don’t be bargain priced trainer, you might end up working a lot more often but maybe less frequent work at a better rate will get you the reputation and credibility in the field that you need.

Anne Fox shared her best tips about running her Award Winning Podcast series “Absolutely Intercultural“.

She showed us how its not as hard as we thought, to produce great podcasts without a lot of tech savvy and to contribute important content on the intercultural field.  Let’s get our voices out to a wider audience…


Check back tomorrow for my

Daily Wrap-Up at the SIETAR Europa Congress


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7 thoughts on “[Day 1 of 5] SIETAR Europa Congress Tallinn: Daily Wrap Up

  1. Thank you for this update, Vanessa. I appreciate that you’re going to do this on a daily basis for those of us not there! Do you know if they will stream any of the keynotes (e.g., Mai’s)? I know Tatyana also had a fantastic pre-conference workshop yesterday on facilitation, during which she used Cultural Detective. Enjoy Tallinn and the conference! Keep the updates coming!

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