[Day 5 of 5] SIETAR Europa Post-Congress and Beyond

The 2013 SIETAR Europa Congress has come to a close.  We have all continued on our journeys or returned to the places we call home.  I’ve been reflecting on the week and processing all the conversations and connections.

In my final installment from the SIETAR Congress Wrap Ups, I will leave you with a few upcoming opportunities to continue learning, further develop your skills and stay connected to the SIETAR community.

Keep Expanding…

Study with IDRI milano

Last November I had the pleasure to attend the IDRInstitute course on Constructivist Foundations of Intercultural Communication with Dr. Milton J. Bennett.  I have reflected on this course many times in the past year.  It expanded my ways of thinking about the field and pushed me to go beyond what I thought was possible.  Due to the learning from this course, I have clarity about my own views on this work. I feel organized in my thoughts about where we should be driving the conversations, and I feel motivated to be not an ordinary trainer but an extraordinary.  Milton’s approach to this dialogue is forward thinking and the courses offered by IDRInstitute are pushing the field into the Constructivist Paradigm and beyond.

This November, there is a unique opportunity to study with Dianne Hoffner-Saphiere of Cultural Detective, who is flying in from México to present her course on Sustainable Intercultural Development.


Newly launched European Institute for Intercultural Communication – EIFIC has several upcoming trainings.  Join their Facebook page and stay tuned for updates.

Cultural Detective Certification Session:  Warsaw, Nov 11-12, 2013 || Madrid, Nov 27-29, 2013

Diversity Icebreaker Train the Trainer:  Wrocław, Dec 7-8, 2013

Virtual Performance Assessment Licensing: Poland, January 2014

Academy of Intercultural Trainers: Warsaw, start March 2014.

Two Stellar Virtual Events from

Small Planet Studio & Authentizen

Click on these photos to learn more about these two events!

FINAL Global_Life_Summit Badge-2      BUjBJdKCQAAgfKw

Free Webinar: October 14th at 19:00 BST

24 Carat BOLD with Mindy Gibbins Klein

“The Art of Structured Writing”

Do you find it hard to get your thoughts down on paper? A lot of people do! Even the most experienced and knowledgeable business leaders can get stuck when trying to write articles, blogs and books, and preparing talks and presentations.

Attend this session and you will get more clarity, confidence and commitment around your business writing. Who knows, you may even be inspired to write that book…

Main Outcome of This Session: Understand how to outline your thoughts and ideas for written materials such as books, articles and blogs

 Learn the difference between clear language and clever language
 Gain confidence to share your ideas and opinions, even if controversial
 Know when ‘enough is enough’ in a blog, article or book
 Capture your creative flow and imagination when writing, without letting it get out of control

Mindy Gibbins – Klein’s Profile
Mindy is founder and director of REAL Thought Leaders, The Book Midwife® and Ecademy Press business publishing. She is a highly sought after speaker to executive audiences; she also develops and presents workshops and training programs for top business leaders. She has inspired thousands of people in many countries around the world.
In addition to speaking, Ms Gibbins-Klein also maintains a small list of private consultancy clients who use her services to develop their writing, publishing and speaking strategy, and to plan, write and publish specific books and articles that raise their profiles as REAL thought leaders in the market.   Gibbins-Klein has an MBA in International Business from University of Bridgeport and has taught the post-graduate diploma course for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. She has an enviable list of over 500 published clients, many of whom have received excellent media coverage and book sales.

To join this call, send a tweet to me for the registration link – Click here.


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