intercultural training

We do not see things the way THEY are…



We see things the way WE are.

I offer cross-cultural trainings focused on developing awareness of self culture and skills to work in diverse settings.

How do you develop personal leadership in your life and as you participate on teams?  Through consulting and workshops, I help you to uncover information about yourself and others to foster positive and functional relationships.

I believe in social media as a positive space for sharing, collaborating and connecting.

Whether you seek to make friends, connections or find new opportunities, its a free resource with endless potential – you just need to know the tips, tricks and where to start.  I provide social media marketing and consulting services for prominent intercultural organizations, including:

– The Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI)

– Personal Leadership Seminars

– Intercultural Development Research Institute (IDRInstitute)

– The Jemez Institute and Professor Jack Condon

– Additionally…I serve as the Director of Communications and Marketing for SIETAR España (Society for Intercultural Development and Research)


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